From seed to harvest – a business plan for Farmers

It is a sad reality that many of those people on whom we so greatly rely, our Farmers, are often ill prepared for the pitfalls and troughs of business. Another reality is that Farming is a business no different to any other, but some Farmers don’t really see it as such and so may be out of touch with some of the incredible business tools that are available to help them. Perhaps, if you are a Farmer, you will see it differently if we use an analogy that you are familiar with and demonstrate that there really is, from seed to harvest – a business plan for Farmers!

Sowing the seed

This is the part that everyone gets. Just as seeds are sown before anything is grown, most people realise that at the start of a business it is wise to have a business plan – and more often than not, it is done to generate start up capital. The popular misconception though, is that a good business plan is only for start-ups. Farming in particular is a business where many farms and farming enterprises are well established when inherited by the Farmer’s heirs. These Farmer’s Sons may never have had to use a business plan to present to a financial institution for start up capital, but what if new capital needs to be raised or an Investor sought for expansion, or to sustain the farm through bad times? …

From seed to harvest

… Is a well documented record of the farming business with all its intricacies in place? Will a Financier or potential Investor be able to see at a glance if the farm is well managed? …What are its resources (Including its people) and most importantly what are the farms projections for the future? Between sewing seed and harvest, the farm needs to be managed and that’s where an on-going business plan that helps the Farmer to maximise his resources, people and finances can ‘save his crop!’ as it were.

Harvest time

So the seed has been sown, the farm managed through the seasons and now it is harvest time. This is a time of hard work, but also a time of celebration, reflection and ‘taking stock.’ Don’t be mistaken though, in business terms ‘harvest time’ may not just be the time of sale and having a successful ‘exit strategy’ in place.  A comprehensive business plan will also ensure you are best prepared to expand in the form of enlarging the farm or adding equipment, diversify by looking into alternate crops or products, or perhaps hand over to the next generation and take life a little easier?


Whatever your ‘harvest’ may be, contact us to assist with the establishment of an ongoing business plan to ensure that from seed to harvest – your business plan for Farmers will be the best you can get …and your sun always sets with the promise of better tomorrows !