3 simple steps to making sales without selling

In marketing terms, we currently live in an age of transformation. Traditional advertising is rapidly being surpassed by online marketing, which is essentially digital marketing and sometimes known as ‘content’ marketing. Many years ago Bill Gates said ‘content will be king’. He’s seldom been wrong and certainly wasn’t in this case. As an Action coach, I help people with all aspects of making their businesses grow, so perhaps with these 4 steps to making sales without selling, I can help you to get new clients or sell your services without really selling at all!

Step 1 – Create an online presence – It’s hard to believe, but there are still many businesses that don’t even have a website, let alone a social media presence. This is all very well if your business is based purely on word of mouth referrals, passed on by fellow networkers, but why settle for this when, with the same sales principles, you can reach millions more people online? You see networkers don’t sell either – they build relationships. As a member of BNI (Business Network International) the largest networking organisation in the world, I know that it is by giving your fellow networkers whatever referrals you can …and by doing a good job when you receive a referral, that you build trust and gain clients – No selling needed! You can do exactly the same thing online once you have a website and presence on at least Facebook and LinkedIn, with preferably U-tube too, if you have the money to go visual.

Step 2 – You create content – Just as you engage with people in networking by having ‘one-on-one’ meetings, you can engage with people online by creating what is known as ‘content’. Content can be:

  1. Written –Blogs on your website, articles on LinkedIn and social media posts on Twitter and Facebook etc…
  2. Audio – Podcasts and interviews etc …on any of your platforms
  3. Visual – Pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, videos and infographics on U-Tube etc…

Obviously, if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to do these, you can engage professional writers, photographers and videographers to do them for you. Signing up on any of these platforms and posting to them is simple  …and FREE!

Step 3 – You engage with prospective clients – Usually the content is based on something your client wants to know about – just as this article is designed to help those of you wishing of grow your business. By answering people’s questions or giving good advice, you inform and educate them, therefore you begin to be seen as an expert in your field and in that way engender your prospective client’s trust. Presto! You are starting to engage with people online and thereby inviting new business – without selling! A final word of advice – take the time to really engage – you will see that other people are writing posts too – compliment them or give them your opinions sometimes – and remember their birthdays and congratulate them. Most good online platforms remind you of these things anyway!

I hope these3 simple steps to making sales without selling have been useful and will in some way help to make your business grow and prosper. Contact me to find out about the many other ways I can help you and set up an excellent business plan for you. In the meantime keep building those online relationships!