Sell the dream or the solution – not the product!

As a personal Action coach I’d like to try to give you, as a salesperson, a few really important tips. Even if you are not specifically a salesperson, you’re always going to have to sell something at some stage, even if it’s just yourself.  Maybe it’s your own house or car, or maybe you’ll just have a garage sale, but anyway you look at it, everyone has to sell something sometime and if you are good at it …it’s all part of making big bucks! I’ve always liked the saying “Sell the sizzle – not the steak” – In essence this means Sell the dream or the solution – not the product and that’s what we look at in this article…

The first rule of selling – Sell the dream!

Rule number one about selling is “Sell the dream or the solution – not the product!” Believe it or not, people don’t buy products. Whether they are making a major purchase like a house or car, or a small purchase like a razor or a jacket they are either buying a dream or a solution. If you are selling a house to someone you are not going to do well just talking about its size and assuring them that it won’t fall down. Even if they ask those questions, what they are really buying is the ‘home sweet home’ they have always dreamed of. Sell them the vision of summer days on the lawn or cosy nights at the fire and you’ll get the sale. Why do you think Estate agents always have freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen? Well, the ones making sales do anyway!

….or sell the solution…

Similarly, even a small purchase, as insignificant as a razor, is not bought because it is statistically the best product on the shelf. It is primarily bought because it offers a ‘solution’ to the fact that the person ‘needs’ to shave. But even then, don’t just assume this; it could be being purchased because it makes the person feel sexy or because, being the most expensive one, it makes the person feel important! It’s up to you as the salesperson to find out which…

Know why the buyer wants to buy

It’s incredibly important to know ‘why’ the purchase is being made. Are they buying a dream …or a solution? …One thing for sure is that they are not just buying a product …and that’s the last thing you try to sell. The dimensions and warranties of that vacuum cleaner are only what your purchaser will want to know after you have established what she is buying it for …to solve the problem of a dirty house …or the dream of a clean one!

In summary

Alain Wertheimer, co- founder of the house of Channel said “We’re in the business of selling pleasure, we don’t sell handbags or Haute couture, we sell dreams!” I hope this important sales tip has been useful to you – if so contact me and let’s talk about your business, your future …and possibly create a great business plan for you. Because I know we need to sell the dream or the solution – not the product – Let’s see if I can help you achieve your dream of phenomenal business success, doing what you love!