From Employee to Entrepreneur – a Business plan that truly empowers!

It’s true that Black economic empowerment, or BB-BEE as we have all come to know it, does need to be pretty radical and happen as soon as possible. There is a social and moral responsibility of all businesses to do their part and rightly so. The Government takes it a step further of course, by ensuring that, by law, companies at just about every level must come to the party or be brought to book. The question is “What are the best ways to make a solid contribution to this initiative?” We believe one great way is though introducing black employees and would be Entrepreneurs to a solid Business plan, which would really fulfil the old adage that ‘if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach him to fish he will eat for a lifetime!’ In this article we take a look at one business plan in particular that can take someone from ‘Employer to Entrepreneur – and really empower them in the biggest way.’

The Enterprise/Supplier Development Program

The BEE Codes actually require Enterprise Development (ED) and Supplier Development (SD) contributions to add real value towards a growing black owned company to become a stable, self sustained financial entity. This is exactly what PlanningCLUB, an arm of the ActionCOACH franchise do in a very practical way, and more.

They help business owners build and understand their comprehensive personalised business planclarifying their goals and show them how to achieve them. They empower people through a 6 step development business plan that they call the ‘Entrepreneur ladder’ which works as follows…

Employee – A prospective business owner (For the sake of gender equality let’s just call him/her Sam) starts out as an Employee working for someone else to make some money. The Business plan helps Sam to set goals for a self owned business and create a proper business plan for the future.

Self Employed – Armed with a solid plan and attainable goals, as well as start up capital obtained by showing investors what the business is setting out to do, Sam takes that vital step to begin to fulfil the dream. Now Sam’s trading time for money, billing out hours (for a certain amount per hour) and finding work and carrying it out.

The ManagerThe business plan has proved to be much more than a start up tool and has actually taught Sam management skills, how to handle a team, market the business and make money by managing and re-investing company assets.

Owner – Having maximised the benefits of the Business plan, Sam now owns a business that

can run itself. Now Sam makes money from the profits of the business and can take some time out to enjoy life (one thing the business plan doesn’t need to teach anyone!)

Investor – The Business plan has also taught Sam that having made a decent income you can also start putting your money to work for you. Now Sam starts using some of that extra time to start looking into making some astute investments.

Entrepreneur – Suddenly its ‘Sam and company’ – a group of companies still astutely run by a fully fledged Entrepreneur! Now with their momentum in full force, the companies are making money in many areas through many ideas and initiatives.

It is a common story of true transformation and empowerment and one that is achieved every day once black would be Entrepreneurs are equipped with the business knowledge and skills that a good Business plan can give them. If you agree that from Employee to Entrepreneur, this is a Business plan that truly empowers, then contact us and let us get you on the path to fulfilling your contribution to the Enterprise/Supplier Development Program today.