My Business Plan (Starter Kit)

  • R 500.00

If you need a business plan or starting a new business this 'My Business Plan' is your ideal starting point. It is more than a business plan, it helps you plan and understand your business. Step by step, easy to use. Be one of the first entrepreneurs to get the benefit of this Starter-Kit. Get yours now!

  Limited time special offer of R500
It is not a manual or template
It is an expertly designed working document
Guiding you step by step to complete your information
And create your business plan
It is easy to use
You can use it over and over for any type of business
Understand your business and business plan better
No point to have a professional business plan and not understand it
This is your ideal starting point
It increases your chances of success
It gets you going in the right direction
It helps you take important decisions
Before you spend a lot of money, start here
100% Money back guarantee



  • A4 Full Colour Startup Guide
  • 25-30 Pages
  • Download digital document
  • PDF format
  • Rich content
  • This type of business model
  • Improved understanding
  • Helps with important decisions

In this product we cover:

1.1 Introduction to this business + products & services.

1.2 Direction with your business

2. Marketing & Sales Plan

2.1 WHO will buy this product?

2.2 WHY will they buy your product?

2.3 How to beat your COMPETITION?

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