Radio DJ Presenter

Radio DJ Presenter

  • R 250.00

We all have our favourite Radio DJ or Presenters whom we enjoy
listening to. For them to have become popular and even famous didn't
happen overnight. It has taken hard work and time to develop their
voices and themselves as popular 'brands'. In this startup guide we
will give you insight in tips into the world of starting out and
making money as a Radio DJ / Presenter business with things like -
'How do you make money?', 'What do you need to get started?', 'Is this
business for you?' and more. If you or someone


 In this 25-30 pages full colour A4 startup guide you will learn more about this business model,  how to market and sell your products or services,  how you will make money,  what you need to get started and more.  It will empower you to better understand this type of business and help you in making important decisions about starting or running this business.


When you plan your own business in more details then is ideal to use this startup introductory guide together with our 'Business-Plan-Builder' (Starter Kit). The Business-Plan-Builder is editable and you can use it over and over for any business.

you know are
considering a future in becoming a Radio DJ / Presenter then this 25
page startup guide may be exactly what you were looking for -
something help you start out on the track.


  • A4 Full Colour Startup Guide
  • 25-30 Pages
  • Download digital document
  • PDF format
  • Rich content
  • This type of business model
  • Improved understanding
  • Helps with important decisions

In this product we cover:

1.1 Introduction to this business + products & services.

1.2 Direction with your business

2. Marketing & Sales Plan

2.1 WHO will buy this product?

2.2 WHY will they buy your product?

2.3 How to beat your COMPETITION?

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